A new strategy has been put into place in NSW Australia in order to help more victims of domestic violence and also to address the issue of perpetrators being held responsible for their actions. The strategy is also designed to keep the perpetrators from repeating the same actions.

The idea is to address the entire cycle of domestic violence in order to prevent issues from happening in the future. By addressing both victims and the perpetrators, the new strategy aims to also stop the generational effects of domestic violence and family violence issues that make the same issues get repeated over and over as children who were raised in homes with violence see the violence and then end up repeating the violence again in their own homes when they get older and have families of their own.

The strategy was implemented in order to help police put together evidence, improve the efficiency of court proceedings and also to improve the amount of support that victims can get from the system. Domestic violence victims will now be able to receive better services regardless of where they live in the state. The strategy also aims to make the services consistent in quality throughout the process of reporting an incidence of domestic violence all the way until the the crime is being reviewed in a court of law.

There are six goals to the Domestic Violence Justice Strategy:

1. Victims will be helped to obtain safety immediately after the incident occurs and so that further violence can not occur.

2. Victims will feel encouraged to participate more in the process of delivering justice for the crime through the court systems.

3. Victims will get the support that need to have in order to recover.

4. The court process will proceed in a manner that is easy to use, efficient and also even-handed.

5. The perpetrator is held responsible for the abuse and the abuse comes to an end.

6. The perpetrator is made to modify his or her behaviour in order to reduce instances of re-offending.

The plan is that the police and other justice agencies along with psychologist, counsellors and other social workers can work together to put the strategy in place while figuring out any problems. The domestic violence issues will also be reduced as a result of lessening the number of cases that don’t get addressed to an adequate conclusion.

Victims agencies will also then be able to focus on individuals and families that are in the high risk category and focus on getting them assistance so that they are protected. The perpetrators will also be required to enroll in programs that are designed to modify their behaviour, such as Anger Management.

The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research will continue to monitor the strategy to see that it provides the ideal outcomes for victims and the Domestic Violence Justice Strategy can also help victims because they can trust that the system will work in their favor to aid them in freeing themselves of domestic violence issues.

Link: http://www.women.nsw.gov.au/news/items/domestic_violence_justice_strategy_for_nsw

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