This survey looked at the impact of domestic violence at work and provides evidence of the prevalence of domestic violence as it affects the Australian workforce.

Key Findings:

  1. 3,600 individuals responded to the survey, 81% were women in fulltime employment and 64 were aged 45 and older.
  2. 30% of respondents had personally experienced domestic violence.
  3. Nearly 50% of those who had experienced domestic violence reported that it affected their capacity to get to work; with 67% describing the major reason as physical injury or restraint.
  4. 19% of those who had experienced domestic violence in the previous 12 months reported that the violence continued at their workplace.
  5. 12% of domestic violence in the workplace was abusive phone calls and emails and 11% the partner coming to the workplace.
  6. 16% reporting being distracted, tired or unwell, 10% needing to take time off and 7% being late for work.
  7. 45% of respondents with recent domestic violence experience discussed it with someone at work, though only 10% found this helpful.
  8. Respondents who did not discuss domestic abuse at work gave reasons of privacy, shame and fear of dismissal.
  9. 30% reported the violence to the police.
  10. 25% obtained a protection order, but only 41% included their workplace in the order.
  11. 14% were still in the relationship.
  12. 40% were living in the family home.
  13. 54% were living in mortgaged homes and 32% in rented properties.
  14. All respondents thought that domestic violence impacts on their work lives.
  15. 78% believed that workplace entitlements could reduce the impact of domestic violence.


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