Enough is Enough, was originally setup after an attack on an autistic teenager was assaulted on public transport. We gathered some 500 motorcycle riders to ride to the victim’s house as he was scared to go back on public transport. We used motorcycles to show him that they are everywhere and when he sees one, he would feel safe. This worked for him. His parents were blown away by the large number of normal everyday people that turned out on mass to show that they cared.

The next event we have planned is on February the 4th in Altona. There will be approx 1000 motorcycles and show cars depart from two locations around suburban Melbourne and meet at the Altona Beach where a community BBQ will be held. Full details are on our event page of our Facebook group page. We will join as one united voice to show our support for the victims and to demand change to a broken system that allows offenders to get off with little or no punishments and a system that prevents victims from speaking in public about their ordeal they have suffered. In part, we are holding this event also in response to the recent African youth crime wave. We the people, need to stand up and say, “Enough is Enough” to our elected leaders in the state and federal governments.

We invite you to join us on the day to express your feelings and demand that the victims are treated more fairly, and the offenders are punished according to their crime. Please feel free to check our Facebook page, Enough is Enough, for further information on the event and our group.

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