On Saturday the 17th August 2013 at around 9.00 pm two men armed with knives invaded a Meiklejohn Street home in Numurkah containing a family of four, including a five-year-old child and a toddler, and demanded money. The offenders traumatised the family before fleeing empty handed. Police are appealing for information from the public.

If you have been the victim of a home invasion, physical assault or other similar serious crime contact Victims of Crime Compensation & Counselling Services for free, immediate and professional assistance, advice and support on 1800 000 055 or (03) 9415 9492 or complete our enquiry form at www.victimsofcrime.com.au or email: support@victimsofcrime.com.au

5 thoughts on “Home Invasion – Numurkah

  1. cheryl burkitt

    I was broken into and assaulted and robbed in my home in frankston.
    i have moved to numurkah.
    the man has been charged.
    i neen to get some help from victims of crime locally.

  2. Nathaniel Martin

    A have had three men invaded my home with a piece of 4×2 timber and a knife. They assaulted me and then did massive damage to my house.
    What compensation is out there for this.

  3. Rebecca Petts

    I personally know the 2 people who did this as well as the victim chantal Daley.
    Jarron Rikka who was a teenager at the time and my ex partner Matthew Vincent D’Agostino d.o.b 23/03/1979, who was the instigator.
    Both are from numurkah, Matthew being known to all local police.
    Due to threats to my safety and an acquired brain injury from his last assault on me, in Shepparton on the 22nd Sept 2017,
    I have recently got engaged to a kind, decent man and finally feel safe and strong enough to come forward.
    Sorry it wasn’t sooner.

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