My name is Gabriel Haynes and i am writing in regards to a death of a friend in 2009.

You may have seen the case on the news,  23 year old Rhys Marshall died after being punched in the head in Ballarat, resulting to Rhys falling back and hitting his head on the concrete. Days after, Rhys died in the hospital after being declared brain dead. This boy who punched Rhys (Digby Gram,) was on drugs on the night and was in a heated argument with his girlfriend, when Rhys came over to see what the issue was he was then punched in the head. Digby Gram has committed manslaughter and has been acquitted, i cannot explain how deeply i feel that this is a very big mistake from the jury and judge. It is an outrage! I hope the crown might appeal because unfortunately whether this boy meant to kill Rhys or not, the fact is, he is dead now as a result of Digby Grams actions.

Can you please assist me as to how and who i can share my strong opinions with on this issue and to get the proper justice that Digby Gram deserves. 
Digby Gram going to jail is not only for the justice but to also show the rest of the world the consequences of punching people in the head and starting physical fights, especially while being under the influence of alcoholdrugs. It is not on and something must be done. Digby Grams situation needs to be made an example of; because then, no one learns in the end and the youth will continue to go around hitting each other without any repocusion.

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