One thought on “Posttraumatic Stress & omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid

  1. Nerve demyelination of multiple sclerosis has been shown by Dr Roy Swank of my alma mater, the University of Oregon medical School for 50 years ( to be reversed by diet. His data particularly relate to the effects of inclusion of polyunsaturated oils such as cod liver oil and other fish oils on stimulation of remyelination of effected nerve tissue. So it is not surprising to see that similar diets and inclusions of such oils stimulates the neurogenesis required to increase the mass of the hippocampus and thus accelerate recovery from PTSD. Hippocampus mass depletion that has been shown by a number of researchers to occur following PTSD resultant from terrifying shocks such as the recent Japanese earthquakes.
    Daniel Siegel (The Neurobiology of We) claims 15-20% of the population may in danger of suffering PTSD. My clinical clients are a special population & 90% of them have, or have had, PTSD.
    Current neurogenesis data show that the brain and nerves continue to be affected by the mind and body from the day of conception until at least the day of death, so inclusion of omega-3 fatty acids from whatever source will assist the vigour and health of all human activity and development.
    I suggest recommending that all humans particularly PTSD clients, include omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid in the diet as an important part of neurogenesis whatever the purpose: skill development and precision by athletes, increase in genius in musicians, artists, homemakers and scientists or just simply increase in hippocampus mass and recovery from trauma.

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