The effects of face-to-face restorative justice conferences involving victims and offenders, compared with usual court procedures, for victims of crime:
On the issue of repeat offending  restorative justice has been found to be favourable.
On the issue of how satisfied victims are with their own justice experience  strongly favours the intervention.  Victims’ fears of re-victimization by their offender reveals that those who attended the restorative justice conferences, compared to those victims who did not, were significantly less likely to anticipate re-victimization.



One thought on “Restorative Justice and Offender Recidivism

  1. peter thorpe

    Unfortunely after four weeks of court and facing my attackers and their mates who threatened us in and out of court including following us after aday in court to our car and so on we have developed exellent technique’s of evasion and so the war goes on.
    Trying hard to keep my sanity but we proceed to go on regardless whilst looking over my shoulder consistantly every day seems to be just a way of survival I have a restaining order in place but thats a joke the police and ooo have adviced my to stop calling them and wasting thier time that they are to hard to catch.

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