Between 11th and the 15th July there have been seven robberies at supermarkets in Bundoora, Preston, Preston South, Northland and Reservoir. On each occasion the assailant approaches the Cash Register Attendant and asks for change and when the till is opened the assailant pushes the shop assistant aside and takes money from the till before running to a waiting white Holden Commodore sedan.

The incidents have occurred on:

• 11-07-13 at 11.00 am at the corner of Plenty Road and Grimshaw Street in Bundoora

• 11-07-13 at around 11:20 am on Plenty Road in Reservoir

• 12-07-13 at around 11.15 am on Dundas Street in Preston

• 12-07-13 at around 11:30 am on Cramer Street in Preston

• 15-07-13 at around 9:30 am on Plenty Road in Preston

• 15-07-13 at around midday on Murray Road in Preston

• 15-07-13 at around 12.30 pm on Plenty Road in  Reservoir

If you have been a victim of crime while at work call 1800 000 055 or (03) 9415 9492 or go to or email for assistance.

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