SupportLink provides a national referral and diversion gateway for police and other emergency services to participate in early intervention.

The role of SupportLink is to:

  • Establish and support formal referral partnerships with government and non government agencies for police to refer to.
  • Provide a single referral and diversion gateway for operational police.
  • Monitor and support the referral process for clients, agencies and police officers.

The aim is to see a reduction in crime, suicide, violence, substance abuse, family breakdown, juvenile offending and to establish improved support for victims of crime.

A significant amount of police work involves dealing with unmet social issues. Police are increasingly looking to external agencies to meet these social needs. However, the path to accessing Government funded agencies has traditionally been difficult to navigate for both police and clients.

The SupportLink framework enables police to refer via a single referral gateway imbedded within their systems and gives local, state and nationally based support agencies the ability to proactively target vulnerable clients, in a seamless and proactive manner.

Police can also refer across states, as SupportLink encompasses a national framework.

SupportLink a fully managed referral framework that has been built for Police and social support services over a 15 year period.

SupportLink Community Programs current in place include:

The StandBy Response Service: support people who have lost a loved one to suicide.

The Home Safety Program: Designed to assist ACT residents in improving the security of their homes while endeavouring to minimise other preventable risks such as fire or injuries caused by falls.

The ACTAS Wellbeing Service: Provides social support to all employees of the ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS) and their families on personal, work related or family issues.

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