Armed Robbery – St Albans

On the 03-03-14 at around 5.00 pm a fifteen-year-old boy was walking through a reserve in St Albans when he was approached by several other youths and threatened to be stabbed with a flick knife. The victim was then assaulted losing consciousness and regained consciousness to having his Monster brand baseball cap stolen. The teenage victim suffered a dislocated shoulder and was treated in hospital.

Armed Robbery – Coburg

On Saturday the 22-02-14 at around 3.50 pm a female wearing a dark scarf around her face and believed to be armed with a knife entered a retail clothing store on Sydney Road in Coburg and demanded the staff open the till. The female offender then reached into the till and stole money before fleeing the store.

Glassing – Box Hill

On Tuesday the 25-02-14 at around 5.00 pm an altercation took place in Box Hill between a group of men. A thirty-four-year-old male was subsequently struck to the head with a glass causing him to suffer lacerations to his skull. The offender was described as a male aged between twenty and twenty five years and of Asian appearance. Box Hill police are appealing for public assistance to identify the offender.

Attempted Abduction – Narre Warren

On the 01-03-14 at around 5.00 pm a six-year-old was playing at the Dempster Way playground in Narre Warren when a male grabbed him by his arm and dragged him some fifty metres towards Melzak Way. The offender was then approached by an another adult at which time he released the young boy and fled. The offender was described as being of Indian appearance and wearing red shorts and a black shirt.

Armed Robbery – Mill Park

On the 02-03-14 at around 3.15 am a taxi arrived at an address on Figtree Court in Mill Park. Two men with their faces concealed opened the taxi door and threatened the taxi driver with a knife and a firearm demanding cash. The taxi driver handed over his mobile phone, wallet and some cash at which time the assailants fled in a nearby waiting motor vehicle.

Attempted Abduction – Campbellfield

On the 20-02-14 at around 10.00 pm a twenty-nine-year-old female was waiting at a bus stop on Mahoneys Road in Campbellfield when she was approached by a male in a motor vehicle. The male asked the female victim if she wanted a lift and she refused the offer. The male then alighted from his motor vehicle and grabbed her and attempted to drag her towards his motor vehicle. The female victim struggled and the offender then returned to his motor vehicle and drove off. The offender was described as possibly being of Lebanese or Arabic background, aged in his mid thirties and calling himself John. His motor vehicle was a white Toyota Camry, either a late eighties or early nineties model. Police are appealing for public assistance.

Assaults – Melton

On the 17-02-14 just after 4.00 pm a centre security officer was assaulted near the bus stop area of Woodgrove Shopping Centre in Melton. A fifteen-year-old boy has been cautioned over the incident. At the same location a fifteen-year-old girl was assaulted by a twenty-one-year-old male from Melton.

Aggravated Burglary – Taylors Hill & Burnside

In the early morning of the 17-02-14 offender/s entered a home on Darling Court in Taylors Hill while the family was asleep upstairs stealing a camera, mobile phones and computers. On the 13-02-14 at around 5.45 am offender/s entered a home on Dartmouth Court in Burnside while the residents slept stealing wallets, cameras and mobile phones.

Robbery – Essendon

On the 16-02-14 at around 1.00 am an eighteen-year-old male was waiting at a tram stop on Mt Alexander Road in Essendon when he was approached by another male who threatened to physically assault him if he did not hand over his mobile phone. The victim complied and the offender walked off. The offender was described as being aged in his mid twenties with a tattoo of a cross under his left eye. Police are appealing for public assistance to identify the assailant.

If you have been the victim of a physical assault, a sexual abuse, an armed robbery, an indecent assault, a violent robbery, domestic violence, an aggravated burglary or other serious violent crime contact Victims of Crime Compensation & Counselling Services Victoria for assistance on 1800 000 055 or complete our enquiry form at or email:

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