Armed Robbery – Yarragon Service Station

On the 18-01-14 at around 4.40 pm a man entered a service station on the Princes Highway in Yarragon and asked the male shop attendant for cigarettes. The male then produced a knife from a shopping bag he was carrying and demanded cash. The shop attendant gave the offender cash and he then fled on foot. The offender was described as being Caucasian, aged around thirty years of age and between 173 and 178cm tall. Police are appealing for anyone with knowledge of the matter to come forward.

Aggravated Burglary – Endeavour Hills

On Saturday the 18-01-14 at around 9.15 pm two men forced their way into a Brindle Court home in Endeavour Hills after the fifty-six-year-old male occupant answered a knock to the door. The offenders then proceeded to assault the victim with a steel pole, bound his hands and feet and held a knife to his throat demanding cash. The offenders then searched the property locating cash before fleeing. The male victim was taken to Dandenong Hospital for treatment.

Stabbing – Carlton

On Monday the 20-01-14 at around 11.00 pm a fifty-one-year-old man was fatally stabbed while working at a hotel on Lygon Street in Carlton. A thirty-year-old male, who is believed was known to the victim, has since been charged with murder.

Armed Robbery – Thomastown

On the 09-01-14 at around 10.00 am in the morning a twenty-four-year-old male man was attacked while walking along Main Street toward the Thomastown railway station. The offender held a blood-filled syringe at the victim’s neck and demanded his wallet and then fled towards Edgars Road

Investigating police officer, Senior Constable McKenzie said that ‘street robberies are not that uncommon, but as for the blood filled syringe, that’s a rarity…usually it’s a knife or something like that’. The police officer also went on to say that ‘if members of the public find themselves in a similar situation they are encouraged to co-operate with the offender as their physical and mental safety is far more important than property’.

Shooting – Kilsyth

On the 18th January 2014 just before 2.00 am a twenty-one-year-old male from Croydon was approached by another male on Timms Avenue in Kilsyth and as the victim attempted to flee the offender shot him to the leg. The victim was treated at the Alfred Hospital and did not sustain life threatening injuries.

Kidnapping and Armed Robbery – Reservoir

On Friday the 17th January 2014 a twenty-four-year-old female was allegedly kidnapped from Reservoir by a twenty-six-year-old male and a twenty-year-old female. Police located the victim later that day and the offenders were last seen driving a red four-wheel-drive motor vehicle through Tullamarine,

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