The cost of alcohol’s harm to others is estimated to be around $14 billion annually in Australia.

The increased prevalence of assaults on Friday and Saturday nights is an alarming trend throughout Victorian. On Friday and Saturday nights offenders arrested for assault make up more than 20% of all detained offenders with males aged between 18-25 years comprising nearly half of this group.

Nearly three quarters of all assaults occurred with the offender having consumed alcohol in the previous 48 hours.

In 2008-09 approximately 17% of assaults occurring in Melbourne’s CBD occurred on licensed premises. Of these, one in three was said to be alcohol-fuelled. The average number of standard drinks consumed by offenders prior to the assault was 14, with young males consuming up to 22 standard drinks.

Victims of Crime Counselling and Compensation Services can assist you in recovering from the physical and financial costs of an assault. If you, or anyone you know has been a victim of assault in Victoria Freecall 1800 000 055 for assistance.

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