On Saturday the 20-10-12 at around 7.00 pm about 5000 people marched down Sydney Road in Brunswick, where Jill Meagher was murdered a month earlier, in a Reclaim the Night rally.

Natalie Pestana, Organiser of the rally, said that the aim of the rally is to counter the notion that women bear some responsibility for preventing sexual assault and that women will no longer tolerate being blamed for being the victim of an assault.

Clementine Ford, a co-organizer, said that when we tell women that it is their responsibility to protect themselves we refuse to see the problem an perpetuate the idea that women are less equal.

A Federal Government Senior Policy Analyst, Durkhanai Ayubi, said a woman who is a victim of rape finds it so hard to speak out and remains silent to avoid the stigma.

Reclaim the Night marches have been held around Australia since 1978 but never with such numbers following the murder of Jill Meagher, the community is obviously very angry and very concerned.

For victims of crime support and advice call 1800 000 055 or go to www.victimsofcrime.com.au

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