Many people are victimized by crime and many crime victims have subsequent medical and mental health needs. The majority of crime victims neither report their crimes nor seek needed health care services after victimization.

In Victoria there are currently around 40,000 victims of serious crime each year yet only around 6,000 seek support from government funded victims of crime support agencies.
Crime victims’ needs may go unaddressed both due to a lack of relevant services and to the limited marketing of these services.
Studies in the past have shown that the most common need endorsed by victims was emotional/psychological
support, followed by information and advocacy when dealing with police and the court systems and then tangible needs, such as replacing property or improving security systems.

Victims of crime need to be aware that there are government funded services to assist them to recover from crime by improved marketing and that victims should utilize these services as they will promote recovery.

One thought on “Victims of Crime – Seeking Help

  1. asad

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I was attacked and assaulted in a road rage incident by two men resulting in a broken nose and severe bleeding. It happened about 3 to 4 years ago. Attack involved racial and physical abuse.I filed a report against offenders at the local werribee police station. I never got any result or feedback on what happened afterwards. I was too scared to go out on road afterwards. I went into depression and distress after that incident and as a result have not been able to perform a regular job. I never felt safe on roads since that incident and still do not. I continue to have nightmares and head aches at night and during the day i am always jumpy while driving and in a state of restlessness. I am wondering if there is any relief in terms of psychiatric help and self defense classes that i can seek from the government. Also, can i sue the couple of people who attacked me or is it too late?

    kind regards,


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