Theresa May, British Home Secretary, said that she wants to “change the law to empower victims to ensure they get some form of reparation by choosing from a “menu” of punishment options that would include a form of restorative justice”. The “community remedy” would be used for low-level crime and the police and crime commissioners will decide what “menu” of punishments should be available for victims to choose from. If an offender refuses to accept the punishment the offender would then face court proceedings.

Theresa May said that “one of the big problems for the victims of antisocial behaviour is that they feel powerless…Somebody does something to them or their property and they feel they don’t get reparation, or feel they are not part of the process”. The victims’ menu will include options such as compensation for the damage sought right through to an apology.

For financial support and professional advice call Victims of Crime Compensation Victoria 1800 000 055 or go to

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