Sexting trends have surged recently in young people throughout Australia. Police and schools across the state are now having to deal with this issue regularly.

There would hardly be a school in the state which has not had to respond to at least one incident of teens sending or possessing naked pictures of a girlfriend, boyfriend, peer or other student under the age of 18.

Victorian child pornography laws dictate that transmission or possession of such material is a crime.

A very common issue arises when a teenager sends a naked photo of themselves to their partner, they subsequently break up, and the photo is then distributed among peers. Under current laws, any person who possesses or transmits this image may be guilty of a child pornography offence.

Around 15% of all teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 have sent sexually revealing photos to their partner via mobile phone or the internet.

People texting need to understand the significant implications associated with such behavior, not just only in respect to breaking the law, but the enormous damage that it may cause the victim.

If you have been the victim of Sexting in Victoria contact Victims of Crime Counselling and Compensation Services on 1800 000 055 for assistance and advice.

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