For victims of crime involvement in the justice system may sometimes compound the original injury, known as a “re-victimization.”  Often the mental well-being of crime victims is diametrically opposed to the requirements of legal proceedings:
Victims of crime need social acknowledgment and support; the court requires them to endure a public challenge to their credibility.
Victims of crime need to establish a sense of power and control over their lives; the court requires them to submit to a complex set of rules and procedures that they may not understand, and over which they have no control.
Victims of crime  need an opportunity to tell their stories in their own way, in a setting of their choice; the court requires them to respond to a set of yes-or-no questions that break down any personal attempt to construct a coherent and meaningful narrative.
Victims of crime often need to control or limit their exposure to speci?c reminders of the trauma; the court requires them to relive the experience by directly confronting the perpetrator.
The psychological needs of victims need to be considered in line with legal processes.


3 thoughts on “Victims Psychological Risks during Legal Processes

  1. peter thorpe

    as a victim of crime you need lots of money to get through the weeks or months of unpaid court attendance the allowance of sixty odd dollars a day they provide you with as compensation is not going to pay the bills so here we
    have a problem in how do i survive legally.
    I recently aquired ten thousand dollar bankcard just so I could attend court and i can pay my rent and bills but i also lost my job as a result of poor attendance with ongoing proceedings now I’m in financial trouble but at least I’m not in jail for refusing to give evidence

  2. Soula Vaitsis

    Peter I am facing the same issue. Not only do i have to re ,live the abuse and continue the trauma finacialy I will be left cripled and left wondering how I pay my morgage. the system actualy makes things WORSE for the victim not BETTER!!! These are things the govermwent need to rectify and the lawyers need to make a tandf or it will never change. is it about how much money the courts make or putting an end to peoples suffering and stoping people from hurting anyone else. makes you wonder !! Whers i the justice in that!!! Nowhere

  3. Soula Vaitsis

    They make it hard for people to come forward and get help and put those people in jail!! no wonder most get away with it!!

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