Recorded crime rate has increased by 1.6% in Victoria.

The total number of offences is up by 3.4% or 13,479 to a total of 406,497 offences.

Crime against the person has increased by 5.3% or 3903 to a total of 58,312 offences.

Crime against property has decreased by 3% or 3294 to a total of 263,577 offences.

Deception is up 10.2%, theft of bicycles up 9.4% and handling stolen goods up 8%.

Drug offences are up by 12% or 2631 to a total of 21,469 offences.

Other crime has increased by 17.3% or 10,239 to a total of 63,139 offences.

According to police the increase in crime against the person is primarily driven by a rise in family violence-related crime accounting for more than 30% of all crime against the person. Over the past ten years family violence related crime has increased by nearly 400%, mainly due to increases in assaults. There were 60,829 family incident reports submitted by police, 21.6% higher than the previous year.

Victoria Police have processed 12.2% more offenders during 2012 to 2013.

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